Madeira Islands


Outdoor activities

Madeira has so much to offer in Sport & Adventure!
Starting with the great weather all year round, when most Europe is under snow, the sun is shining in Madeira; the fantastic high mountains and variety in landscapes ready to explore; the vast natural heritage that includes a great variety of endemic species; underwater reserves and a sea filled of whale and dolphins; the cheerful and modern capital of Funchal; good food and friendly people...
Madeira greatest advantage is due to its location and complex geography, that makes possible to find in a very short distance the most fantastic conditions to experience a great variety of land, water and in the sky outdoor activities, like golf, trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, scuba diving, windsurf, surf, big game fishing, boat trips, paragliding, airplane tours, and much, much more. In other words, the perfect Adventure Island for an amazing Active Holiday!! 
In Madeira you can find up to five main types of landscapes: Rural, Mountain, Forest, Coastal Cliff and Urban. Madeira provides a remarkable network of over 2000 km of walking paths along hand-made "Levadas" or aqueducts, that where mainly built  in the 16th century to transports water from the wet northwest to the dry southeast. These paths are also great for a relaxing mountain bike tour... 
Madeira has 5 Natural Parks, both on land and in water, considered protected areas and available to visit by foot, off-road jeep, mountain bike, kayak, boat, etc...The north-side of Madeira island is mainly covered in the indigineous Laurisilva subtropical rainforest (laurel forest), designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Try Canyoning, and discover the amazing Nature that covers this small island!
Madeira harbours a rich variety of endemic and endangered species like the Zino´s Petrel, the Trocaz Pigeon, the Madeira Firecrest, the Mediterranean Monk Seal,  and is also an important region for breeding seabirds. Whale & Dolphin Watching, Sailing Trip to the Desertas Islands and Bird watching are some of the trips available where you can get to know some of these species.
Porto Santo Island offers a 9 km long beach of white sand, with a very unique and clean sand quality. It is defiantly worth while to take a day-trip to visit this so known "Golden Island".
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Try canyoning, and discover the incredible nature covering this small island!